Our community

Isanti Glass’ recognises that collaboration with all our stakeholders is core to our operations and longevity. We are invested in making a positive impact on the development of the natural and human resources that are essential to our success. Our CSR strategy is synchronized with the iSanti culture, values, operational activities, and business strategies.

Our employees, “Care Volunteers” are provided with opportunities to contribute to our CSI initiatives through various volunteering initiatives. We endeavour to transfer skills and build external capacity throughout our involvement and creating a value proposition for both iSanti Glass and the recipient beneficiaries.

How we contribute to our community

We adopt a targeted approach and invest both time and financial support into the key focus areas within our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. As a benefactor of community infrastructure development, sport and recreation, education, and welfare, we are passionate about giving back to the community within which we operate. We believe that if we can improve a community and minimise our environmental impact, we are able to improve the overall climate in which we operate in. We demonstrate care for our communities as we journey in excellence.





What we enjoy doing