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About Us

iSanti Glass is a glass packaging manufacturer in Johannesburg, South Africa. We supply glass containers to the non-alcoholic, alcoholic beverage, and food industries.

We have a committed and innovative approach to our customers and their requirements, whilst considering the individual requirements of all stakeholders in the value chain.

Our obsession with high-quality manufacturing and innovative design makes us industry leaders. Our dedicated and hard working team of over 450 employees constantly strive to provide world-class services that are tailor-made to individual brand requirements.

Our Values

Our Community

Our contribution of today to secure a better tomorrow

Isanti Glass’ recognises that collaboration with all our stakeholders is core to our operations and longevity. We are invested in making a positive impact on the development of the natural and human resources that are essential to our success. Our CSR strategy is synchronized with the iSanti culture, values, operational activities, and business strategies.

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